Tim Dudley

As you have probably heard, Pittsylvania County is the largest locality in the state of Virginia, covering nearly the same landmass as the entire state of Rhode Island. As a result of that size, Pittsylvania County residents have a lot of diverse situations, and it’s our job as your Board of Supervisors to understand our constituent’s situations and advocate for their needs. 

While representing each of our specific districts and constituents is important, above all else we represent Pittsylvania County as a whole, and we must make decisions in light of what is good for the entire county. I wrote in a previous editorial that Pittsylvania County is making progress for the northern end of the county with industrial development and the continued improvements to Wayside Park. I think it’s important that people understand something though: a win for the northern portion of Pittsylvania County – or any geographic section of the county – really is a win for all of Pittsylvania County.

No matter the exact location of a particular industrial park, it will have a pull from across the entire county, and even beyond our borders. That’s why the City of Danville has partnered with us in the Southern Virginia Multimodal Park. Whether its Berry Hill, which is in the southernmost part of Pittsylvania County, Chatham, or the park in Hurt, any economic development is a plus for every Pittsylvania County resident and business. That same concept – that a positive in one end of Pittsylvania County is a positive for the entire County – applies to all assets in the County, including Wayside Park. Even though it technically resides in Hurt, Wayside Park, with its modern playground, wooded trails, rich history, and access to Sycamore Creek, is an asset that benefits every Pittsylvania County resident. 

For all of us on this Board of Supervisors, in advocating for the needs and concerns of our specific constituents in our district, we are fighting for the betterment of Pittsylvania County as a whole.