We moved to Altavista from the Northwest just over a year ago. Since that time, we have had the opportunity to take day trips around central and southwest Virginia to better familiarize ourselves with our new environment. In our travels, both domestic and foreign, we have been blessed with wonderful adventures and sights, both natural and man-made. One of the take aways from our travel has been  how clean the countryside is in foreign countries compared to the U.S. For example, we traveled 2,000 miles along Highway One in Canada. We could count on one hand the number of times we saw litter on the entire route.

Today, the third time since moving here, we cleared over two large trash bags of litter along about  one-quarter mile of Gladys Road. How sad! Especially since there  was so much more litter on both sides of the road for miles. Gladys Road is not the only road with this problem. Litter is strewn along every road in the Altavista area. Is there no one who takes pride in their surroundings anymore? Trash and litter  is not healthy. It attracts vermin. Vermin bring sickness and plague. Has this pandemic not taught us anything firsthand? Please stop littering. Please use some common sense and put your litter where it belongs: in YOUR trash bag and tossed at the way station to be properly disposed of or recycled. Better yet, spend a few hours picking up the trash you threw out your vehicle window. Our dogs do not crap in your yard and our front yard is not your trash dump.

Frank and Deb Prohaska