“This doesn’t belong in our community” – Law enforcement speaks out

Flyers anonymously distributed in the wee hours of the morning at some residences in the Town of Hurt have created a stir in the community. The incident is believed to be the work of the Klu Klux Klan.

The flyers contain text including, “Don’t fight against us! Fight with us!” and “100% Americanism – pray for white Americans.” Another flyer proclaimed, “America’s Past! America’s future! Loyal white knights.”

It also featured a drawing of a person wearing a white conical hood and face covering and white robe, riding a white robed and hooded horse, and carrying a flaming torch.

While the flyers did not specifically state that the KKK was behind them, the textual and illustrative evidence indicates strongly that group.

The flyers – which when distributed were attached to plastic bags of seeds – came up for discussion in the Hurt Town Council meeting on Tuesday (Aug. 2). Public Safety Director Mike Jones brought up the matter to the council. He noted that they are being left around or after 4 a.m.

There was no explanation on the flyer about the seeds.

Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor reported that his office has received numerous complaints, and that “this is not wanted by the public.”

“Hurt Chief of Police Jason Lovelace articulated, “If you see something, say something. This doesn’t belong in our community.”

Jones has asked the public to share to the PCSO or local law enforcement any pictures or videos of any person or persons caught passing these flyers out. Whoever is distributing them can be charged with littering and/ or trespassing, he noted.

If you or someone you know receives a flyer and bag, do not dispose of them. Instead, turn them in to local law enforcement or email Jones at mike.jones@townofhurtva.gov.