Multi-vehicle accident backs up traffic on Hwy 460

A view of the intersection of Richmond Highway (Hwy 460) and Mt. Olivet Church Rd. in Campbell County, as seen from the shoulder of the westbound lanes. This is the approximate area of the multi-vehicle crash that happened earlier today.

A multi-vehicle accident this morning on Hwy 460 led to multiple vehicle fires, traffic backed up for a mile, and a temporary detour.

Communications Manager Len Stevens of the VDOT Lynchburg Regional Office, reported that he first heard of the incident at around 7:45 a.m. He confirmed that it was indeed a multi-vehicle accident, and it took place in the eastbound lanes of Hwy 460 (Richmond Highway) at Route 752, or Mt. Olivet Church Rd. (This intersection is roughly midway between the Lynchburg-Campbell County border and the Campbell-Appomattox Counties border along U.S. 460.)

The accident blocked both eastbound lanes, Stevens explained. And for a time one of the westbound lanes was also closed as emergency vehicles came to help deal with the fires and crashes. Eastbound traffic was backed up approximately a mile until VDOT set up a temporary detour route.

By approximately 10:45 the scene had been cleared and traffic was moving normally again.

The Virginia State Police are investigating the cause of the incident. The Altavista Journal has left a phone message and sent an email to a VSP public relations director requesting more information.