Altavista Council marks Public Works Week

Altavista Mayor Mike Mattox presents Public Works Manager Jeff Arthur with the declaration proclamation that the week of May 16 through 22 is Public Works Week.

Town Council approved the week of May 16th through May 22nd as Public Works Week” in the Town of Altavista. They voted to do so during their monthly May meeting on May 10. Mayor Mike Mattox presented the Town of Altavista’s Public Works Manager, Jeff Arthur, with a copy of the declaration which the Council approved and he signed.

The text of the declaration is as follows.



MAY 16th-22nd, 2022

WHEREAS, the Town of Altavista relies on Public Works employees to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of its citizens and visitors; and

WHEREAS, this year's theme "Stronger Together” celebrates the vital role public works plays in connecting us all together. At its cornerstone, the Public Works Department provides, maintains, and improves the structures and services that assure a higher quality of life for our community.

WHEREAS, streets, roads and bridges keep us linked together from coast to coast, they allow our community a resource to grow and prosper; and

WHEREAS, Public Works professionals plan, build, operate, and maintain infrastructure including refuse disposal, public facilities and parks, and other structures and facilities essential to serving Town citizens and visitors; and

WHEREAS, our Town is safer and more efficient where citizens can enjoy the quality of life that makes Altavista special because of the dedication of Public Works professionals; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Altavista joins the American Public Works Association and other agencies and organizations in recognizing the contributions of Public Works professionals to the health, safety, welfare of the Town;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael E. Mattox, Mayor of the Town of Altavista, do hereby proclaim May 16-22, 2022, as


in the Town of Altavista, and commend its observance to Town citizens and visitors.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here unto set my hand and affix the seal of the Town of Altavista on this the 10th day of May 2022.


If you see any public works employees around town, be sure to thank them for all they do in keeping things running smoothly.