Brookville art

Students were thrilled with their awards for their hard work.

By Jason Daniel

Altavista Journal

News Corrrespondent

Last week at Brookville High School they held their annual art show which showcases and celebrates student artistic talents each Spring. The event is organized by Mrs. Meghan Bolling, who has served as the art teacher at Brookville for the past twenty years now. This year’s group of young artists included approximately 150 students who created their own works of art including masks, paintings, pencil drawings and many other creative objects all custom made by the students.

Ribbons were awarded for Best in Show, which included winners Casey Spicer (2D) and Imani Booker (3D) while the Teacher’s Pick ribbon recipients were Christian Elliott (2D) and Alex Richardson (3D). Along with her passion for teaching, Mrs. Bolling is an advocate for art in schools and in the community. She stated “the building blocks of art encompass just about everything in the world around us.” Adding that “regardless of artistic level, everyone can enjoy art in their presence or creating it themselves.”

Mrs. Bolling and her students proudly displayed all of their artwork created throughout the school year for Friend’s & Family Night, which was held in the band room and attended by many guests who enjoyed the various works of art.