Moore is currently refurbishing the building and eventually plans to open a new business there.

With the Old Kentucky Fried Chicken building on Main Street being painted and refurbished, rumors are circulating about who bought the building, and what it will be used for. Everything from a real estate office to a coffee shop has been suggested on social media, with many people hoping for a definitive answer.

The building was bought by Dale and Lisa Moore, along with their son Andy Moore and his wife Amy.

“We’re not sure what’s going in there yet,” Dale Moore said. “We decided to paint it, get it ready, and think about what would be good for Altavista.” 

Moore said the building has been a KFC for as long as he can remember after moving to Altavista in 1975. Moore said the original KFC was torn down at one point and replaced with a newer building before lying dormant for years. Moore said he had been interested in buying the place for a while, but held off until someone else became interested in it.

“My son called and asked to partner on it,” he said. “We bought it, painted it, demoed the inside, and now the inside is all ready to put something back in there. Now we are just sitting and thinking and evaluating.”

Dale Moore, already an established local business owner in Altavista, said he believes in the servant leadership model of business. He believes that this particular business model causes less stress on him and his employees and that it can make people more successful day in and day out. Given that he started Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical himself and grew it to 700 employees, he has seen this business model work in Altavista.

Local resident Megan Rorer said she hopes the building will bring something new and different to Altavista.

“I hope the building will be used to suit the food needs of the town, such as an eatery that serves ethnic cuisine that is diverse and offers what other places in the area simply do not have,” Rorer said. “Having gluten, dairy, and meat free options are a plus because many people have intolerances. I hope it isn’t just another version of the same which is what drives locals out the town and into Lynchburg.”

Many local residents have voiced opinions on the types of business they hope will occupy the space, but for now, there isn’t a final decision on the future of the building.  Moore used the following to describe what to expect:

“Something different and something to compliment the town.”