Graham Packaging

Graham Packaging is adding a new production line to its Altavista facility, creating 12 new jobs at the plant.

According to the company, the new line will increase production by 42.6 million units per year. The new line was announced on November 19, and will be dedicated to a new product for one of the plant’s existing customers. Plant officials did not specify which customer, or provide specific details of the product. Currently, the plant produces single- and multi-serve dairy and food/nutrition packaging solutions. The plant’s existing footprint will not change as a result of the new product line. Company officials declined to share the full cost of the project.

“We are proud to expand our presence in Altavista,” Jason Hall, the Altavista plant’s controller said via a recent news release on the expansion. “Our strong foundation in the area and skilled workforce will help us to continue our mission of producing innovative, sustainable and creative containers to provide to our customers.”

Graham Packaging is headquartered in Pennsylvania and operates across North and South America and Europe. Graham Packaging produces roughly 16 billion container units annually. High portions of its products are fully recyclable, and the company has scored well on ESG Assessments, which measure non-financial performance in areas like environmental impact, diversity, community relations, human rights, bribery and corruption and more.

Since it was opened in 2004, Graham Packaging has expanded its Altavista location several times, including in 2018. Company officials cited Altavista’s history as a manufacturing town and proximity to skilled labor and multiple brand customers as reasons for the plant’s steady growth. In regards to its most recent expansion, company officials said the plant is ramping up production to meet the needs of a customer who is responding to increased demand.

The expansion is being funded internally, though Graham Packaging was offered tax incentives from both Altavista and Campbell County.

Clarence Monday, interim Altavista town manager, praised the expansion in a recent news release, calling it an “honor” to have Graham Packaging in Altavista. Campbell County Board of Supervisors Altavista District Representative Dale Moore likewise lauded the company’s growth in the same release.

“Their drive to provide quality jobs, stimulate economic growth and adapt to changing times reflects Graham’s commitment to the utmost service locally and beyond,” he said.