Campbell County Courthouse

Campbell County Courthouse in Rustburg

Three local counties have written pieces of legislation that formally reject Gov. Ralph Northam's latest executive administration of COVID-19 restrictions and threaten to prosecute anyone who attempts to enforce them.

Northam's Executive Order 67, announced Nov. 13, included an expanded mask mandate, further restrictions on business operations and a 90-percent slash in the allowed number of people at social gatherings that, together, phase Virginia back toward Phase 2 of the reopening plan.

The governor's executive order is "a violation of the Virginia Constitution and the Constitution of the United States," according to Bob Davis, Bedford County's Supervisor.

Bedford County joins Campbell County and Appomattox County in alliance for the 'No Shut Down' Resolution.

"The [Campbell, Bedford, Appomattox] County Board of Supervisors ORDERS its Sheriff to arrest any State Police officer, State Health Agent, or Federal Agent, attempting to enforce the unconstitutional order of the Governor, where failure to do so will result in the immediate removal of County funding," the resolution's authors write.

"The... County Board of Supervisors ORDERS its Commonwealth's Attorney to not prosecute the unconstitutional mandates prohibiting the people's right to peaceably assemble, where failure to do so will result in the immediate removal of County funding."

The resolution has not been introduced at any Board of Supervisors meeting yet, but the conversations will start following the resolution's draft being finalized by this time next week.

"The [Campbell, Bedford, Appomattox] County Board of Supervisors will NOT allow the citizens of [that] County be subject to the unconstitutional tyranny of the Governor, and will fund the legal defense of its officers, Sheriff, and Commonwealth's Attorney to uphold their solemn oath to uphold the Virginia Constitution."

Supervisors across the three counties agreed that Northam "overstepped his bounds" by enacting policies that will hurt the citizens of their respective counties.