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A small, informal group known as the Brookneal Community Alliance is seeking to revitalize Brookneal. They have started by helping to coordinate the efforts of various local clubs and civic organizations.

“We originally met as a group of concerned citizens and community leaders in the town of Brookneal,” Conner Francis, one of the group’s members, said. “And we felt that, you know, a lot of clubs in the town were getting older in age, and we will be trying to attract some of the younger people in the town.”

The Brookneal Community Alliance has representatives from the Lions Club, the Women’s Club, the Garden Club, the Oddfellow’s Club, the Staunton River Masonic Lodge and Brookneal’s town council.

“We’re a mixed group of people and our goal, and our mission, is to bolster Brookneal with pride. Brookneal is a great town and it has suffered a lot over the last decade or two,” Francis said.

The alliance has met four times so far and has helped coordinate the efforts of several groups to host the upcoming Christmas Parade. The Brookneal Chamber of Commerce and Town of Brookneal will be hosting the parade. The Lions Club and Oddfellows Club will also be involved.

Francis also said the group has discussed organizing a cleanup day in town, and possibly caring for untended grass in some areas or decorating bare storefronts with property owners’ permission.

“We’re not just a drive through town,” Francis said. “We are a town of immense compassion. And we love visitors, and we love people to come into the town. We want everyone to experience the Brookneal life.”