Leesville Lake

Submitted/ The Union Star

There are many entertaining activities to be found at Leesville Lake.

Leesville Lake Association (LLA) is a nonprofit organization that plays a large role in protecting Leesville Lake, a lake that provides recreation, beauty, and power for many people.

LLA has a great history, important mission, and a great vision for the future of Leesville Lake.

LLA was founded in 2004 by several people who lived adjacent to Leesville Lake with the purpose of protecting and promoting the lake.

“Since 2004, our organization has supported the lake’s safety, water quality, navigation, and beautification; shepherding good stewardship of the lake thereby helping the surrounding counties around the lake,” stated President of LLA David Rives.

Over the years, LLA has developed several committees focused on supporting the organization’s original mission: Safety, Water Quality, Debris Management, Navigation and Beautification.

The Association’s committee structure works collaboratively with Appalachian Power Company’s Technical Review Committees to ensure the lake stays clean, safe, and appealing to the eye.

Throughout the Leesville Lake and LLA’s history, the lake and its corresponding association have been blessed with a Board of Directors who have enjoyed learning more about the lake and serving their communities.

LLA Director Mary Loiselle has owned property on Leesville Lake for more than ten years and realizes the importance of everyone being good stewards of the water.

“Being on the board was a great opportunity because I had the opportunity to learn more about the people at the lake and more about the lake,” stated Loiselle.

Many committee members have witnessed examples where many lakes throughout the nation were not monitored which caused the lakes’ conditions to deteriorate as a result.

Treasurer of LLA Bill Beckett has parents in Delaware who have shared numerous stories with him regarding the deterioration of various waterways throughout the northeast.

“The main takeaway is that if no one is taking care of the water quality, then no one will step up and do it,” stated Beckett.

LLA is so successful in pursuing its missions because all of its members share a common goal.

“Everyone shares a goal to constantly maintain and improve the lake in terms of its beautification, water quality, and navigation,” added Beckett.

The committee members are encouraging people who live near the lake to join the LLA.

“If you love this lake, are a resident, or are a user, annual dues of $25 to this nonprofit gets you a lot because we are the organization that helps to keep the lake in the best condition possible,” added Rives.

The actions of LLA impacts many people in several communities throughout the state, as Leesville Lake is a power source for the electric transportation grid.

“We have to keep this lake healthy because this water is a power source for many communities,” said Rives.  

LLA has a bright future, plans on recruiting new members, and plans to increase community involvement.

Many members of the association enjoy the lake’s unique beauty, easy access, minimal regulation, and low boating traffic. Additionally, many members of the association appreciate the fact that the lake never freezes because this means they can keep their boats on the water year-round.

“My wife and I built near this lake because the lake is small, not overpowered by commercialism, and my grandkids can always have a great time,” added Rives.

Recently, LLA conducted a survey of its members to better understand the needs and interests of the members.

“One of the things survey participants want us to do would be a fishing tournament,” added Loiselle.

Even though fishing tournaments in the winter are challenging for the lake to administer, LLA encourages followers to check back for updates because the fishing tournament is certainly possible.

Additionally, in January, April, July and October, the LLA holds general membership meetings where all members are encouraged to attend.

At these meetings, there are guest speakers who will bring wisdom in various areas, so LLA can figure out how to constantly strive for improvement.

Currently, LLA has a vacant secretary position available, but the organization is looking for new leadership within the organization in general. The LLA is also seeking out individuals interested in Safety and Membership.

“The bottom line is there is surely someone out there who loves the lake and has knowledge, skills and abilities in areas of need and service to the organization and the community at large,” concluded Rives.

LLA has a bright future because it will continue to champion the idea of community involvement.

Every June, LLA holds its annual Beautification Day, a day where they gather debris on the lake. LLA works in conjunction with Appalachian Power, the local marinas, waste disposal companies and County Governments to get debris off the lake and safely disposed of. It is truly a community effort.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the LLA, please contact President of Leesville Lake Association David Rives at president@leesvillelake.org.