Town of Gretna

Gretna’s town council weighed in on a bond issuance from Centra Health and a possible 1% sales tax increase in Pittsylvania County at its October 11 meeting.

Town council gave its approval for Centra Health to refinance the Gretna Medical Center. Centra will be refinancing debt associated with several projects. To do so, the firm is issuing a bond through the Lynchburg Economic Development Association, similar to a bond Centra issued in 2014. Ted Bruno, a member of the Richmond-based McGuire Law Firm, and Centra CFO Doug Davenport came to the council meeting on behalf of Centra.

Centra may issue up to $275,000,000 in bonds for the project.

Pittsylvania County deputy clerk Kaylyn McCluster and Kenyon Scott, Pittsylvania County Schools’ assistant superintendent for operations, then spoke to council in an effort to garner support for a 1% sales tax increase to generate funding for capital construction or renovation projects in Pittsylvania County Schools.

No formal action was taken on the proposed tax increase, but the measure will be on Pittsylvania County voters’ ballots this fall.

Town manager David Lilly also reported on a recent traffic engineering work order conducted for the town regarding speeding. It was found that three accidents had occurred in Gretna during the last three years in which speed was considered a contributing factor. None resulted in any major injuries.

“The crash data does not indicate that there is a significant crash pattern of concern due to speeding along any roadway in Gretna,” Lilly said during the meeting while reading from the work order.

Lilly also complimented town staff for fall decorations, including decorative pumpkins and a scarecrow, that were placed in town.

Lastly E.J. David, Gail Ferguson, Chapman Brown, Jerome Graves and Darrell Rowland were appointed to the board of zoning appeals and Steve Scruggs, Janice Barksdale, Travis Davidson, Tommy Aylor, Gail Ferguson, Diane Moon and James Gilbert were appointed to the planning commission.