The North Halifax Volunteer Fire Department’s (NHVFD) annual fundraising marathon on September 11 raised over $40,000.

Fire Chief Ronnie Waller provided up-to-date information on Saturday night about the fundraiser, which has grown steadily since its inception. He said the department’s 43rd fundraiser marathon was executed in a somewhat streamlined way, and had a solid turnout.

Waller said 450 gallons of stew were sold, along with an estimated 450 pounds of barbecue. The serving line brought in $10,400. $8,100 of stew were sold. Waller said there is still some stew available, and anyone who wants to purchase some should reach out to a member of the department or call the department directly at 434-349-3500.

Raffle ticket sales brought in $3,280. Mike Bomar of Volens won the quilt raffle. Support shirts brought in $2,130. The ladies’ auxiliary raised roughly $23,900 in all, though event expenses will come out of that total.

Donations to the department, which came out to slightly more than $19,000, pushed the event’s net total proceeds to roughly $43,000.

Waller said he was grateful for the efforts and support of NHVFD members, the ladies’ auxiliary and various community members who made the fundraiser possible.

“We want to thank everyone for their help,” he said.