Louis V. Scicli

Louis V. Scicli, owner of Timberlake Jewelry and Pawn, publicly announced that he will be running as an independent candidate for the House of Delegates in the 59th District at an Altavista town council meeting on March 9.

Scicli grew up in Lynchburg, and has lived in Virginia for 50 years. He worked as a police officer and firefighter in Northern Virginia before moving back to the area six years ago.

Scicli told the Altavista Journal that he decided to run as an independent because he feels politics have become too polarized. He said he thinks too many politicians are fighting more for their parties than for their constituents.

Scicli said many small business owners have had difficulty accessing grants that have been available to small business owners during the pandemic, and that he considers helping small businesses to be very important.

Scicli, a relative newcomer to politics, said he does not believe in career politicians. He said if elected, he would stay in office for "two terms max."

Republican Matt Fariss, a real-estate agent and co-owner of the Lynchburg Livestock Market, is the district’s current delegate. Fariss is currently running in the district’s republican primary, and was elected to the House in 2012. He is a longtime Campbell County resident and has served four consecutive terms in the House.

Dr. Ben Moses, a veteran of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, is running in the district’s Democratic primary. Moses is also a relative newcomer to politics, but has served as a faculty senator at the University of Virginia and on various medical boards. Moses is originally from San Antonio, Texas. He moved to Albemarle County roughly a decade ago.

The 59th District includes Appomattox and Buckingham Counties, and parts of Albemarle, Campbell and Nelson Counties. The Republican and Democratic Primaries will both be held on June 8. The general election is scheduled for November 2.