ACS track

Construction has begun on ACS's new long jump and pole vault facilities, and is expected to start on the track soon.

Crews began work on a track and field facilities renovation project at Altavista Combined School (ACS) on June 7. The Colonels will soon have a new rubber track surface.

“We’re hoping by the end of the month, they’ll be near completion,” ACS athletic director Mark McPherson said about the project Tuesday.

The project will include brand new long jump lanes and pits, a brand new pole vault lane and pit, and a new rubber surface for the track with repainted lines and numbers. ACS will retain its current shot put and discus pads, but McPherson said virtually all other aspects of the school’s track and field facilities will look brand new.

“It’s a major upgrade,” he said.

McPherson said the new facilities should help boost ACS’s track program, and will allow ACS to host more meets, since most schools prefer to run on rubber surfaces.

“We want to be the school that hosts events,” he said.

McPherson said Campbell County Public Schools (CCPS) is also upgrading William Campbell Combined School’s track and field facilities.

“I think that’s a great thing,” McPherson said about the school system’s efforts to upgrade athletic facilities. “I think they’ve been very supportive.”