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McPherson said he wanted to give more opportunities to fellow ACS employees.

Correction: A previous version of this article misquoted Mark McPherson as saying Brookneal High School when he actually said Brookville High School.

Altavista Combined School recently added four new assistant athletic directors (ADs) to its athletics staff.

Though all four were already ACS employees, they will now be working with Athletic Director Mark McPherson to learn the ins and outs of the school’s athletics program.

“I want them to be involved in scheduling and record keeping of things that we do at the school system,” McPherson said. “I want them to be involved in mentorship of coaches and all of those things that I do as an athletic director.”

The staff members involved in the program are Jay Polk, a special education teacher and coach of several sports, Josh Cothran, a football coach and middle school PE teacher, and fellow staffers Ashlyn Morcom and Matt Deloach.

“It's an opportunity to learn about the way the athletic director works,” Cothran said. “That's something that I wouldn't mind doing, that I have interest in doing down the road in my career. As a physical education teacher and a coach it’s a natural step for those that love sports as much as I do.”

McPherson said he thinks having multiple assistant ADs is a good way to provide opportunity to younger teachers or staff members.

“I wanted to make it an opportunity for people in our building,” McPherson said.

Polk said he looks forward to working with promising young athletes at ACS.

“I'm excited,” Polk said. “I think we have a ton of great young athletes here. We have a really good foundation for the future for all of our programs.”

In addition to on-field potential, McPherson said he sees potential on the sidelines.

“Maybe in the future they’ll be the athletic director at the Altavista Combined School, or Brookville High School, or Rustburg or at another Campbell County school,” McPherson said.