Syd Myers

Pro wrestling is a sport that offers many opportunities to those dreaming of entertaining in the squared circle.

Add another exciting star to list by the name of SUNsational Syd Myers.

Twenty-six-year-old Marcus Keifer Conner, who lives in Staunton, had been a wrestling fan for so long that he decided to take the plunge and enroll at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp in January of 2018. Boogie’s makes it easy to earn your diploma by conducting camp 52 weeks a year every Sunday from noon-4 p.m. Everyone pays as they go without having to make a big investment all at once. The camp is owned by wrestling legend Jimmy “The Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant and is located in Shawsville past Salem and before you get to Christiansburg.

“At Boogie’s, I was trained by BWC head trainer Shawn Christian and all the great BWC instructors who I now consider my friends. My first match was in Pelham, North Carolina at The Valiant Cup event back in May of this year for Pure Pro Wrestling against Bellamy Koga, another BWC graduate,” Syd recalls. “Bellamy was a tough opponent, but I did manage to walk away with the victory that night! I'm just now starting to take more bookings so I haven't wrestled for too many promotions, but you can catch me in Pure Pro Wrestling or Strong Style Pro.”

He promises to be taking home some championships in the near future. Syd says he doesn’t have a preference for singles or tag matches and enjoys working in both.

“What I love about today's wrestling scene is that there are so many platforms to perform on with so many different styles. I like to have a little bit of everything from all wrestling styles. If any wrestling promoters need a worker or would just like to see what "The SUNsational One" is all about, you can find me Facebook,” he shares.

Syd encourages young hopefuls not to wait to follow their dreams and always stay humble. “I don't think size matters in wrestling as long as you can tell a story in the ring and connect with the audience. I actually grew up as a big horror nerd, so my favorite gimmicks in wrestling were always the creepy horror gimmicks like Undertaker, Kane, Sting, etc. I actually wanted to do a horror gimmick when I first got into wrestling, but it limited my charisma and mic skills,” he elaborates.

Syd certainly knows how to make an entrance which is a critical part of any successful wrestler’s performance. An exciting entrance can immediately get the crowd behind you. Some think Syd’s entrance is reminiscent of a young Shawn Michaels who could always get the crowd on their feet and cheering as he strutted and danced to the ring.

“I did grow up watching Shawn Michaels matches, but I never would've thought I'd be doing a gimmick somewhat similar to his. So I've taken what I've learned from Shawn Michaels on the t.v. over the years and put it to good use,” he says. “My long term goals are just seeing where this amazing crazy wrestling journey takes me and take every opportunity given.”