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From time to time in the life of every town there are some challenging questions that do not necessarily have cut-and-dried answers.  Hurt is facing a couple of those, one of which appears likely to be dealt with over the next week while the other looks to take at least a few months. 

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ALTAVISTA-LYNCH STATION -- Two Altavista-area men — each born on the same day in 1940 — are getting a kick out of telling everyone that they’re turning 20 this Saturday. Even more impressive, they say, it’s the year 2020 that they’re turning 20. Note all the 20s. The duo, Jack Ritzer of Alta…

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(Family Features) Money management and building long-term financial health is a careful balancing act between long- and short-term financial needs, and now is a perfect opportunity to re-examine your goals. People sometimes focus on short-term needs, making sure they can cover routine bills …