Town of Altavista promotes Neighbor Helping Neighbor initiative

 The Town of Altavista is a great place to live, work and play. And you can help us keep it that way! Community Development is working hard to make sure that Altavista is a well-kept and attractive place that meets the standards set forth by the town’s codes. By far the vast majority of our citizens keep their property in excellent shape. 

With recent rains and warmer weather, we have noticed that weeds are growing quickly. The town wants to remind all citizens and business owners that any plant, grass, or other vegetation of uncontrolled growth over 12 inches high is a violation of town code. Yards that are unkept may be cut by the town or its agent, after serving notice. When that occurs, the property owner is billed for the service, along with a $75 administrative fee. 

We also have observed that there are those among us who, due to age, disability or hardship, are unable to adequately care for their own homes and yards. These are citizens without adequate resources or family help whose property may only further deteriorate without some assistance. 

While we are practicing social distancing and staying at home, this is also a time to look after others. Neighbors helping neighbors can only make Altavista a better place. Needy citizens are helped. The deterioration of homes and neighborhoods is prevented. The town’s housing stock is preserved, and property values are protected. 

Volunteers receive the satisfaction of helping others. Groups and organizations benefit from a team-building experience and Altavista’s quality of life is enhanced. 

If you are interested in helping citizens that cannot maintain their yards due to age or disability, please contact Sharon D. Williams, AICP -- Director of Community Development to be added to the list of the volunteers for our Neighbors Helping Neighbors initiative.