ACS holds teacher appreciation drive-through

Altavista Combined School teachers received a variety of goodies at the Teacher Appreciation Drive-Through: cupcakes (donated by Carmen Campbell), Chick-fil-A sandwiches, “thank you for rolling with the punches” toilet paper, personalized name plates, and Kona Ice shaved ice treats.

Altavista Combined School administration and staff pulled out all the stops for a Teacher Appreciation event at the school on Wednesday. In what has been perhaps the most bizarre end of a school year in our lifetimes, teachers have been asked to step up and deliver in all sorts of new ways during the age of coronavirus quarantine.

Instead of interacting with their students day in, day out in their classrooms and teaching their normal lessons in the normal way, they have been called upon to perform the unusual and the extraordinary. Now, the teachers of Altavista schools are holding Zoom conferences with their students, preparing ungraded learning opportunities for the students to do at home (in both online, computer-based and print formats), and making wellness calls to make sure their charges are doing okay emotionally during these stressful times. Among other things, of course.

So in these extraordinary circumstances, it was only fitting that ACS assistant principal Michelle McBride organized a special celebration in honor of the school’s extraordinary faculty. The Teachers’ Appreciation Drive-Through Lunch that McBride set up (with the help of school staff and parent volunteers) offered teachers four stations to visit in the school parking lot.

Chick-fil-A on Candler’s Mountain Road (Lynchburg) donated sandwiches, distributed by the Colonel Club at one station. Another featured homemade, personalized pencil-themed desk plates, made by Glenn and Kim Spears. A third provided “thanks for rolling with the punches;” you guessed it—a roll of toilet paper cleverly packaged as a gift (maybe for those teachers who were too busy preparing new lessons for their students to make it to the store before the mad rush on toilet paper?). The fourth station offered Kona Ice shaved ice treats. 

Teachers could be seen enjoying the various goodies and talking to each other in small, spread out groups.

With beautiful weather and a chance to get out of the house after a long coronavirus exile, the event provided a pleasant change of pace and a big thank you to the teachers of ACS for all their diligent efforts.

(Be sure to see more photos in the separate post.)