Suspects on the run

Four suspects are on the run from this accident on Rt. 29 N close to Sycamore Grocery following a wreck on Tuesday afternoon.

A blue Nissan Sentra SR appeared totaled Tuesday afternoon when the driver apparently lost control on Rt 29 North about a quarter of a mile before Sycamore Grocery. The car in the single vehicle accident went into the median where it nosedived before flipping two times.

Virginia State Police and Gretna Fire and Rescue were on the scene within minutes after receiving the call.

A truck driver who was there when firemen arrived said that four people in the car jumped over the guard rail and headed down through the woods toward the railroad tracks. He said that at least one of them had blood on him/her.

The driver also said that someone was shoving things as fast as he could into a duffle bag before taking off. The inside of the car was littered with Bojangles take out food, cigarettes, and other garbage including at least one cell phone. The car also had an odor that smelled like marijuana.

VSP Trooper H. G. Harmon was on the scene handling the investigation.

He said that no one was pursuing the suspects at the time, but one of them might turn up at a hospital since there appeared to be an injury.

Firefighter Tyler Loomis said the inside of the trunk was clean in contrast to the filthy interior. The car had North Carolina license plates.