Young Chase had a great time at the FCA picnic.

Faith Christian Celebrates 30 Years of Faith-based Education

After its first week of school, Faith Christian Academy celebrated thirty years in education with a family picnic busting with joy.

To mark this great year, it was decided that the picnic must be remarkable. Members of the board recommended the services of Tred Hunt’s Gourmet Smoke, Catering & More, out of Chatham. As many of the local residences were without electricity due to a storm the previous night, the grilled chicken dinner was a welcome treat. One of Tred’s assistants was standing by, filling the platters of chicken on the buffet. “These folks are hungry,” he said, as more families came through the buffet line.

The first week of school can be a very stressful time, especially for families with first-time students. The picnic is an annual event always held after the first Friday, to celebrate new beginnings. This year, the crowd had plenty of ways to celebrate together. Every guest was given tickets to spend at various carnival-style games/activities around campus, the most popular being a dunking tank.

Athletic Director, Tyler Savage, was first to sit atop the huge tank, followed by Librarian/Admissions Coordinator Alicia DeWever. But most folks eagerly waited for Donna Woodford’s turn in the tank. Long time parent and advocate for the school, she drives the bus and works in the after school program. Mrs. Woodford did not disappoint her fans and shared much laughter with her friends and colleagues.

The family picnic also got a boost from Josh Mays, a DJ from KD Country in Altavista. Mays is no stranger to events like this one and brought a fun spark with crowd-pleasing gospel, praise, and country music.