Campground hosts dog competitions

Tracy and Jeff Love have owned the 40-acre Leesville Lake Campground since May 2017. 

Theirs is the last private property on Gallows Road, before Leesville Lake, and includes beautiful large, shaded lots. When the couple were looking for a campground to purchase, they included a full-sized, Frisbee-dog field on their wish list. That’s because they’ve been playing Frisbee (known as a flying disc) competitively with their dogs since 2006, and was the reason they purchased a motorhome to travel with their dogs.

Their interest in competitive play began with a “naughty puppy” named Melody. The puppy was a boxer/lab mix, born in 2003. Tracy and Jeff decided “a tired puppy is a good puppy.” Melody caught the first disc Jeff threw. Jeff continued to play disc with Melody as part of their daily routine and traveled to many competitions throughout the United States and Canada

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