Hurt mayor resigns, effective March 31


Star-Tribune Staff Writer


Hurt Town Council announced today that Mayor Gary Poindexter has resigned from his position, effective March 31. 

Poindexter told the council of his decision at their meeting Tuesday evening and offered a letter explaining why. 

Town council accepted his resignation and thanked him for his years of service.

Poindexter was in his second term as mayor and served nearly eight years in the role. Poindexter also served on town council before he was elected mayor.

Vice Mayor Gary Hodnett will serve as mayor on an interim basis. 

According to Susan Frazier, town clerk, the town is still working on next steps for the long-term solution to fill the mayor seat.

 Poindexter’s letter, in full, stated:

“After serious consideration, and with mixed feelings accompanied by deep regret,

I deem it necessary to hereby officially apprise you all of my decision to resign from my office of mayor for our beloved town/community.

Earlier this year, I began a process of contemplating the future – more specifically whether or not to seek re-election for another term as mayor or councilmember.

The rigors of balancing service in public office with a full time educator career, not to mention family and personal considerations, has become a serious limiting factor to my ability to effectively shoulder the responsibilities inherent to the office.

Consequently, I am submitting this notice of resignation, to be effective as of the close of business on March 31, 2020. Furthermore, I am opting to be on leave during the intervening time and am turning over mayoral responsibilities to Vice-Mayor Gary Hodnett as of this evening. I will be available in an advisory/consultative capacity for the remainder of this month to assist with the transition.

It has been a great pleasure to work with all of you, and I wish nothing less than the very best going forward for all of you, our employees, and fellow citizens. Thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside this august group of individuals.”