EMS Building has new owners

Altavista Instruments and Controls (AIC) is now next door to Avoca Museum and Historical Society in the former EMS building. 

The company purchased the building in October from the Town of Altavista for $300,000. The 1.1 acre site was deeded to the Town by Lindley Murray Winston, Jr. in the early 1980s when Avoca was donated. 

The deed specifies that funds from the sale of the former EMS property will be for the “development and maintenance” of the museum. Town Council is looking into how the money should be disbursed to the museum.

In the meantime, the new neighbors are getting to know each other. Executive Director Michael Hudson stated a formal welcome, “Congratulations to AIC. We wish them well in their endeavors, and we’re looking forward to having them as neighbors.”

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