Most awards are meant to “pump you up” instead of down. Taryn Price, the mother of Brookneal Elementary School student Azavier Price, 11, is very upset that her son received a “Most Likely to Stay in Brookneal Forever” award at the school’s recent awards event on the last day of school.

His mother says the child’s feelings were hurt. He has autism and has been bullied in the past.

He has some issues with self esteem and receives counciling.

Azavier also won an award for “Most Likely to Invent Something."

Campbell County Schools issued the following statement:"Given in good faith, the language used on the class superlative was not intended to demean or disparage the student; however, we recognize it was received in this manner. We sincerely regret any hurt this has caused the student or his family, and will take steps to prevent any incidents of this type in the future.”

BES Principal Keith Bennett and Vice Principal Sharron Gunter could not be reached for comment at press time. The school front desk person said they were in meetings and the statement from the schools would serve for them as well.