At a press conference held August 1, the officers of the Gretna Volunteer Fire Department and Gretna Volunteer Rescue Squad announced the combining of the two departments as a means to better serve the people of the community. The merger brings the two departments under one leadership, and also allows for more manpower and resources to cover calls. The decision to merge was made when both departments looked at how they could best meet the growing demand for service in the community.

The two departments began working as one in June and officially merged on July 1. In June, the department received 110 EMS and Fire calls. It is projected that the number of calls will continue to increase and anticipate to run at least 165 by the end of July. They expect this number will continue to rise.

The department been renamed and is now operating as Gretna Fire Rescue Inc. The merger brings a variety of experience and levels of certification under one roof. Along with seasoned Fire Fighters and Fire Fighter EMT’s the department now has seasoned Paramedic’s, EMT Intermediates, Advance EMTs, and EMT’s all of whom have one goal, serving the people of Gretna and surrounding communities.

Gretna Volunteer Rescue Squad was recognized for 50 years of service to the community.