CAMPBELL COUNTY — Authorities have completed their internal investigations into the officer-involved shootings that occurred in 2018 on Sunnymeade Road in Campbell County, as well as on Norwood Road in Lynchburg. A 2017 Triangle Place shooting in Lynchburg was also investigated.

Commonwealth's attorneys reviewed each of these incidents and found that the officers acted within the law. Campbell County Commonwealth's Attorney Paul McAndrews reviewed the incident on Sunnymeade Road, Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Bethany Harrison reviewed the incident on Norwood Street, and Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle reviewed the incident on Triangle Place. Each determined that the use of force was justified.

The Lynchburg Police Department also completed internal investigations for all three incidents and determined that the involved officers acted within policy. 

The Lynchburg Police Department has been a nationally accredited agency since 1989, and that accreditation requires the department to meet hundreds of standards. As with all incidents involving the use of force, the Lynchburg Police Department reviews all associated training, policies, and procedures to ensure its officers have the information and equipment needed to make the best decisions during all calls for service. 

As a result of these incidents, department reps will continue to provide crisis intervention team training for all officers and upgrade equipment to more safely address critical incidents.