Dale Moore will run for re-election to Campbell BOS

Dale Moore, founder of Moore’s Electrical & Mechanical, has announced that he will run for re-election to the Altavista District seat on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors that he has held since January of this year. 

Moore was elected this past November to fill the remainder of the term of Stan Goldsmith who vacated his seat. 

When asked about his new life as a supervisor, Moore understandably says that he realizes it is a weighty responsibility that the average person doesn’t think about…or even know about. “We deal with a lot of big issues such as broadband, budgets, …all kinds of things. Growth in the county is important, especially growth in the right areas. Many things come up to deal with on a monthly basis. We’re responsible for all of that. There’s more to being a supervisor than just a title,” he observes.

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