Anthony Settje’s Christmas yard display was vandalized and he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to fix the display again. The expense would have been $600 to $700 to replace if the decorations were not fixable. He was able to selvage all, but three. A estimated total of about 13 yard displays were knocked over and smashed.


Settje has been setting his yard display up about 16 years and each year he adds to the display, but when he woke up Saturday, November 30, he found people had ran through the display and destroyed it.  


Settje says he enjoys the lights and loves the look and joy it brings to others.


This is the second time his display has been destroyed, but he says it will not stop him from doing what he loves.  He is planning on continuing it every year with the addition of more lights, yard displays and everything else. Of course he will be adding more security as well in case there should be a reoccurrence of someone trying to vandalize it again.