Altavista Elementary School holds 9-12 program

On Wednesday, September 11, fire fighters, law enforcement agents, dispatchers and EMS workers were welcomed by Wendy Thomas, Altavista Elementary School’s principal, in front of a group of fourth and fifth grade students. She expressed her thanks to the men in attendance for their many hours of service to the community. When she was finished, she introduced Joey Sarinana to the crowd. Mr. Sarinana is the Vice President of Community Outreach and Youth for Woodman Life of Lynchburg, as well as a financial representative of the company.  

Mr. Sarinana started the ceremony with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. He explained to the children that respect should be shown to the flag and the placement of our right hands over our hearts is how civilians show that honor and military personnel salute the flag. He then engaged the group of children expertly, asking questions and having one of his three children in attendance supply prizes for correct answers.

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