The Town of Hurt came under attack by Mother Nature Friday evening as a devastating storm came rolling in, tearing apart the southwestern part of the Town of Hurt in the process. Heavy rain and strong winds were knocking down trees and power lines as many took cover. 

Hurt Mayor Gary Poindexter says that practically all of the town and surrounding area were impacted to varying degrees. He shares, “Streets with the most and worst damaged included:  Prospect, Ramsey, School, and Tanyard Roads along with Grove, High, Lynn, and Oak Streets.  Some of those streets, along with several driveways, experienced either full or partial blockage for several hours Friday night into Saturday morning.  East of Prospect, Longview was also blocked for an extended period of time. Those of us on the northeastern end of town (Ramp and Riverview Roads, Roark Street, Darrell, Dogwood, and Vista View Lanes) were fortunate to have much less damage and only short-lived power outages compared to other areas.” 

Right before lunchtime on Sunday, Hurt Police Department reported that all but one small section of Prospect Road was reopened.

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