The town and county remain abuzz about Altavista’s opportunity to acquire $1 million worth of property owned by Campbell County. The 50-acre property includes Dearing Ford Business and Manufacturing Center, along with 28 acres adjacent to the Wal-Mart and 21.75 acres on Dearing Ford Road, off Route 29. The property is currently zoned for heavy industrial use. 

In addition to the flat $1 million, the deal includes the cessation of two payments discussed at the August 13 Altavista Town Council meeting. One is an annual payment to Altavista from Campbell County in the amount of $25,000. The second is a payment from Altavista to Campbell County. According to a report prepared by Frank J. Rogers, County Administrator,  “Pursuant to the last boundary line adjustment agreement, the Town is obligated to pay fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds of the meals tax revenue on the gross sale of meals in excess of $2,500,000 per fiscal year collected in the area of the 2006 Boundary Adjustment.”

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