Altavista Chief of Police Tommy Merricks has announced that a string of thefts of valuables taken from automobiles has occured recently, and he asks for the community’s help in putting a stop to the problem. “We’ve recently seen a rise in larceny of items taken from unlocked vehicles,” Merricks explained.

The chief exhorted people who live or work in the town to help out in three specific ways. “We’re asking people number one, don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. There haven’t been any broken windows, so they seem to be ‘crimes of convenience.’ So number two, lock your car. It seems to be happening mostly at night, so number three, if you see anything suspicious, please report it.”

Additionally, Merricks stated that the APD will be enforcing curfew. He referenced Town Code 46-321 and specified that, “It is unlawful for any minor to be on any street, alley, or in a park between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am.”

As for the rash of larcenies, “We’re working on some leads,” Merricks reassured.