Citizens share concerns at Hurt town council meeting

The council room was packed with concerned citizens from the Town of Hurt during the August 20 meeting. Each person who signed up to speak was given three minutes to present information to council. There is no back and forth in these presentations. Council listens to concerns but doesn’t ask questions. 

Many of the speakers were in strong support of cracking down on ordinances requiring lawn cutting and clean up as well as getting rid of old vehicles or other junk in lawns. The ordinance requires that inoperable vehicles be properly covered. 

Council has recently discussed the importance of improving the appearance of the town to present a better image to prospective businesses, some of which have been turned off by the shabby appearance of Staunton River Plaza and other areas in town. 

The police department has been asked to send out letters asking for compliance of any violators. Chief Ron Rowland has also been asked to provide council members a list of everyone receiving letters during his monthly address where he reports on how many calls the department got during the previous month.

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