Tamara Page Anderson

Although blurry, a woman Altavista police say is Tamara Page Anderson appears in a surveillance camera image released by the Altavista Police Department Thursday. (Altavista Police Department.)

ALTAVISTA — Authorities are seeking the public’s help in locating Tamara Page Anderson in connection with multiple counterfeiting cases this week. Anderson, 34, sometimes uses the alias Tamara Page Cambre, the Altavista Police Department reported Thursday. Warrants for forging coin or bank notes in violation of Virginia code 18.2-170 have been issued for Anderson.

Anderson was last known to be staying on Riverview Court in the town of Altavista, according to the APD. Anderson is described as a suspect in an incident in the 1100 block of Main Street Monday.

Earlier this week, Altavista Police Chief Thomas “Tommy” Merricks told The Altavista Journal that his department was investigating four counterfeit bills being used for purchases at four separate Altavista businesses on Monday and Tuesday. All of the bills were $20 ones, although Merricks said larger bills were sometimes used in neighboring counties. The bills carried a small notice in the upper left corner of their face that read “Replica” and some apparently had red-colored Chinese-look lettering on them. Still, the bills were said to be fairly authentic-looking bogus bills overall.

Although some media outlets have interviewed Altavista business operators in connection with the cases, authorities confirmed Friday they were not releasing the names of any victims in the cases.

Authorities ask anyone with information on Anderson’s whereabouts to call the Altavista Police Department at 434-369-7425 or Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 434-332-9574.

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