Campbell County voters have chosen the following representatives.

Whit Clark has been chosen as new Sheriff to replace Steve Hutchinson who is retiring at the end of this year.

Sheila M. Smith has been named Treasurer with Doug D. Perrow and Brandon T. Schmitt voted as Soil and Water Conservation Director.

Voted to the Board of Supervisors are Steve W. Shockley (Sunburst District); Kenny R. Brown (Spring Hill District); Matt W. Cline (Concord District); A. Dale Moore (Altavista District).

School Board members named are: R. Leon Brandt (Sunburst District); Mark A. Epperson (Spring Hill District); Barry A. Jones (Concord District); and Gary R. Mattox (Altavista District).

Both of the Timberlake Watershed Improvement District Referendum passed.