Rustburg Supervisor weights in on coronavirus situation

Editor’s note: Following is the first installment of what will hopefully be a series of responses from county supervisors regarding the coronavirus shutdown. They were asked to provide their take on the situation and how it is affecting our area, along with their words of encouragement to their constituents. – Jeffrey Westbrook

 Jon Hardie, Rustburg District

 Concerning the Coronavirus situation. These truly are unprecedented times. First, my thoughts and prayers go to the individuals and families of those impacted by this deadly virus. My hat goes off to all of those on the front lines of this battle, our first responders, healthcare workers, etc. Thank you for your service.

In addition, essential businesses and their employees need to be commended; they are working every day in our community to help keep food and supplies on the table for our families.

Never in my lifetime has our County, our Country, or the World had to battle a pandemic like this. This is a war, and I am so proud of how people across the United States--but especially right here in Campbell County--are responding to the call. We are blessed to live in a great area with an economy that has been thriving.

I commend President Trump for being so proactive and doing everything that can possibly be done to help families and businesses in their time of need. 

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