Local woman on TCM/Altavista movie buff wins contest to introduce movie

Altavista classic movie buff Patti Pierucci got the thrill of lifetime recently when she won a spot in a contest to go to Atlanta to film a spot with Turner Classic Movies’ host Ben Mankiewicz. On Monday, Apr. 22, 8 p.m., she will be with him to introduce one of her all time favorite movies “The Yearling.” She is dedicating the movie to her son, Patrick Russell.

So how did she win this wonderful opportunity? Pierucci watches TCM movies quite a bit and records even more to watch in her free time. She joined the “Backlot” fan club to talk to others about classic movies.

Since this is TCM’s 25th anniversary, they held a special contest for 25 super-fans such as herself get the chance to introduce one of the favorites.

“I don’t ever win anything so I was absolutely floored when I won. I love Ben Mankiewicz and got to talk to him about 20 minutes which they will edit down. I can’t even remember what I said because I was so starstruck,” she recalls.