After showcasing his talents for the world to see on the June 5 edition of NBC’s primetime hit American Ninja Warrior, Brookneal native Josiah Singleton took to the course once again in the July 22 show for the Atlanta City finals.

While the show was taped on March 25 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the results of Singleton’s quest were unknown other than to those who were there cheering him on that evening.

The 22 year-old was the second runner to be featured on the episode. Unlike his first appearance, a full video package was shown to give background on his journey to the primetime stage.

At five minutes into the show’s runtime, Singleton was shown entering the stage to take on the course in which he practiced for while working as a Ninja Coach at Elite Fitness in Forest. Further proving his dedication, in the front yard of his family home, there is an obstacle course which can be seen when entering the short drive to Hat Creek Golf Course in Brookneal.

As the video started, he could be seen driving a tractor with a white cowboy hat and bibbed overalls, then walking a tightrope on a fencepost. “Coming from a small town, where there ain’t much happening, this is a pretty big deal for me to be going to American Ninja Warrior,” he said. “I don't think anybody from around here has really ever been on TV or anything like that.”

The audience could then see family and friends gathered around the aforementioned obstacle course in a time of fellowship before Singleton went away to compete.

Fully embracing the country lifestyle in which he grew up in, viewers could see Singleton swinging from ropes, climbing trees and flipping tires to further prep himself for the big moment.

He spoke on the close knit, almost family like atmosphere of his town and said, “the friendships and the community is really really tight.”

His father, Bill Singleton, was shown giving a toast to his sons successes and only wished him the best, as family and friends were gathered outside of the clubhouse at Hat Creek.

After the package, it was go-time. He breezed through the first couple of obstacles to the ovation of loud roars from the crowd. It seemed as even the announcers could notice the burst of energy.

American Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila said on the broadcast, “He gets so fired up. This kid is pumped.”

He scaled the 14.5-foot-high Warped Wall once again, just like he did in the qualifying round, but then moved on to the obstacle, which would eventually get the best of him.

After hitting a trampoline which thrust him into the air, Singleton completed the Salmon Ladder, which was nearly equivalent to the one in his front yard. It is an obstacle that forces the runner to force a bar into small grooves, while propelling themselves upward and still maintain balance.

He would then, ever so slightly, slip up on the new Up For Grabs obstacle and fall into the water below, ending his run on the show. Despite not getting the result he would have hoped for, Singleton maintained a cheerful and upbeat attitude while celebrating with those who came to see him perform.

With failing to complete the course, he was unable to move on to the national finals held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to a news release, he is hoping to compete in future seasons of the American Ninja Warrior competition.