In the world of reality television, there is a great chance that the content you are seeing is taped; but for those who are seeing it for the first time, it’s almost like the viewer is right there in the moment.

Many, both near and far, had the chance to witness Brookneal native and Liberty University student Josiah Singleton, a.k.a ‘The Country Boy Ninja,’ conquer the course during last Wednesday night’s episode of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

This accomplishment, however, took place on March 24 just outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, according to a news release from Liberty University.

According to the release, Singleton was a member of Liberty’s golf team by quit and spent two years training to try out for the competition.

“After I quit the golf team, I decided I still wanted to do something competitive,” Singleton said in the release. “I have been watching the show since I was a kid and really wanted to do it.”

Singleton, who was a member of the 2014 State Championship winning golf team at William Campbell Combined School, completed the American Ninja Warrior course in a time of two minutes and 55 seconds to place him 12th out of the night’s finishers.

As a finisher of the course, Singleton then moved into the finals of the Atlanta City competition, which took place the night after. 

“I felt kind of confident, but I also felt like a rookie,” Singleton said in the release. “From watching the show, you never know exactly what it’s going to feel like with the lights staring down at your face at the start. (Golf) definitely prepared me for the competitive atmosphere and helped me to stay calm, cool, and collected while being out there and having people watching.”

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