The wall will serve as memorial to various Gretna High School students.

Each year, Gretna High School seniors decorate one side of a large, concrete wall near their school. The other side is a memorial.

Cassidy Haskins, a recent graduate of Gretna High School, said originally there were two names on the wall, both of students who had died. She said one was erased two years ago, and the other in the past month, causing an outcry. That’s when Haskins said she came up with the idea make the other side of the wall a memorial to all former students who have died.

“I just thought about a way that the seniors could have their wall, and we could have a memorial for everybody else too,” Haskins said.

Jocelyn Lipford, another recent graduate of Gretna High School, helped Haskins paint the memorial. Lipford it was heartbreaking to see the original names erased, and was excited when Haskins suggested painting a more inclusive memorial.

“I thought it was a great idea,” Lipford said.

Lipford said several teachers have told her that they like the new memorial too.

Others who helped Haskins and Lipford paint the wall were Liam Foster, Randi Harris, Charlie Crews and Michael Mangrum.

Haskins said she is glad she was able to be a part of the solution.

“It feels really good to know how many people appreciate what we did,” Haskins said. “It makes me happy.”