Gretna Fire and Rescue Squad earns top regional award

The Gretna Fire and Rescue Squad beat its goal of responding to at least 70% of calls this year by a landslide.

The Gretna Fire and Rescue Squad received the Outstanding EMS Agency award for the Western Virginia EMS Region on the evening of Tuesday, September 15.

Members of the squad gathered at the station to receive the award from the Western Virginia Emergency Medical Services Council at 5:30 p.m. The squad’s chief, Chad Hogan, said he is proud of the squad’s performance over the last year, especially since the fire and rescue squads only merged to become part of the same organization about a year ago.

“We’ve far exceeded our own expectations,” Hogan said. “When we were going into this endeavor to merge the two agencies we had some reasonable goals and we exceeded those goals in a couple of months. Then to actually receive this award in a year’s time just kind of blows our mind.”

Hogan said the Gretna Fire and Rescue Squad‘s original goal was to respond to 70% of its calls, relying on mutual aid for the rest. He said by the end of the year the squad was regularly responding to nearly 100% of its calls.

“That was our five-year goal,” Hogan said about coming close to the 100% threshold. “It was just kind of remarkable we were able to do that in a year’s time.”

Hogan said when he first heard the squad would be receiving the award he went to the station and said everyone there was ecstatic to hear the news. Hogan said that because the squad received the Western Virginia regional award, it is now eligible for a statewide award.

Hogan said it feels good for the Fire and Rescue Squad to be recognized for its service to the community.

“We wanted to provide the best services that we could to our citizens. And I think that we’ve done that,” Hogan said. “We’re very proud of that, and to actually be recognized on a regional scale for that hard work is really gratifying.”