It is more than a sign of our times.  It is one of many signs of the resurrection. Victims are no longer silent. Moreover, the voices of victims are being heard.

We watch our detective shows.  We become aware of “cold cases” where someone is murdered and we do not know the perpetrator.  It might take five, 10 or 20 years.  But sooner or later, the truth is revealed.  The victim is vindicated.  The perpetrator is known.

Women can no longer be sexually harassed as they serve our country in the armed forces.  Unlike five years ago, their laments are taken seriously.

Sexual abuse victims in the Catholic Church and other churches now have recourse. Those  violating the dignity of children are dismissed from ministry.  The cases are reported to police.

Those who have worked for years for below subsistence wages are now given a raise.  A long way to go to get out of poverty, but nevertheless a good start.

The Roman Catholic nuns who were being oppressed by reactionary and conservative cardinals in the Vatican are now free to minister to God’s poor as their “evaluation” turned up “straight A’s.” We wait for the men robed in scarlet to finally offer an apology.

We hear the voices from the bottom. The victims are heard!

This is a sign of the resurrection, as in the risen Jesus of Nazareth we hear the voice of the ultimate victim.  We killed God’s son.  We put him in a tomb and we rolled a huge stone in front.  This was supposed to make us forget.  This was supposed to shut him up.

We could then go back to believing in the punitive God of the Pharisees.  We could go back to ostracizing sinners, believing that those with disabilities were cursed and that God was only available to a few. Everything could go back to the way it was.

But the risen Lord reverses the fortune of those of power, possession, pride and privilege. In Christ, there is no east or west, north or south, male or female, rich or poor, gay or straight. We are all God’s’ children and brothers and sisters to one another.  The victim is vindicated, but never vindictive.  This is the new world order.   No more business as usual. Catholic nuns can prophesize. Workers will get a livable wage. Victims of abuse receive dignity. The murderer must make amends.

Jesus is risen!  Alleluia!