Aerobic exercise is not only good for your body, but also good for your mind.

When done correctly, bicycling, jogging and swimming involve moving at such a pace that we can endure for only a while.  We go at a pace.  Those of you who have done aerobic exercise, have you for a moment become unaware of what you were doing?  Did your mind move to another place while your body kept moving and your heart kept pumping and your lungs kept breathing?  You were totally immersed in your exercise.  You were in harmony.  

And how about yoga? While stretching and breathing, you find your mind at ease. I once did yoga with Taize music in the background.  Rhythmic, prayerful chanting with gentle, reflective breathing.

When the weather becomes nicer in a few months, some of you will lose yourself in your gardening.  You lose track of time.  You feel at one with the soil.

In John 1:35-42, Jesus is asked, “Rabbi, where do you stay.” His answer is, “Come and see.”

The invitation from Jesus means much more than using our eyes.  To see means to be totally immersed into His life.  

I love total immersion baptisms because they are metaphors for how my life in Christ should be. 

“Come and see” means come and lose yourself in Jesus. Lose yourself in table fellowship with Jesus.  Come and be engaged for better or worse in relationships.  Come and feel like you are a part of the building frame for a Habitat Blitz Build.  Come and be worried for the person who seeks food at DAWN. Come and have your heart broken because you care.  Come and feel elated at the birth of a child, a marriage of loved ones or a reconciled relationship because Jesus is the Lord of Life.

Come off the bench of being a spectator.  Dive into the water. Jump into the race.  Get into the game. As they look at you lost in Christ, may they see Christ.