Someone shared an interesting story with me about a man who lived in his community, who was known as the town drunk.  They called him Jack.  Jack apparently cared very little about himself or anyone else.  His only thought was how he would get the money to get what he wanted.  When he was sober, different people would give him some small odd jobs to do, and he did them well! Jack just had a habit that he couldn’t break.  They said he would pass the church as he staggered home, sometimes stopping to listen to see if he could hear the choir singing or possibly the pastor preaching. He would draw closer and closer, still not hearing a sound.  Finally, he would move on down the street to his home.  It was said that this happened frequently. 

One day, as Jack was working for a man who had given him something to do, he began to talk to him about the difference the Lord had made in his life. His testimony inspired Jack! The man asked him if he wanted to accept the Lord as his personal Savior. He jumped to his feet as if he was waiting for someone to share those words.  The man prayed with him right then and there, leading him to Christ.  Jack was so happy as he thanked God, clapping his hands and hugging the man that God had used to witness to him. 

The next Sunday, Jack decided to get all cleaned up and dressed early and go to church. This was the same church that he had stopped by and listened for so many times.  When he entered, everyone was surprised to see him.  After all, they had never seen him sober.  They hardly did recognize him! Jack took a seat on the front pew. The pastor opened his Bible and begin to preach from John 3:16.  Jack was filled with so much joy that at the end of the sermon, he jumped up, saying hallelujah!  The members were astonished by this. At the end of the service, some of the leaders approached the pastor about the behavior of Jack and how it was disturbing to others that he was so radical. The pastor told them that he would speak with him before the next Sunday’s service. 

As the story goes, Jack apologized to the pastor, saying he had read in the Bible in Psalm 150:6, “Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord!”  Then Jack smiled to himself, remembering the quietness at the church when he tried so hard to listen as he passed by.  Then it came to him as he looked up to heaven saying, “God, I thank you for giving me breath that I might praise you as the word said.” 

As he turned, the pastor was convicted by Jack’s words.  He immediately knew where his text for the next Sunday’s sermon would be taken. It would be Psalm 150:6.