Each day is a new opportunity to close the door on chapters completed in your life.  In 2003, my voice was added to this newspaper by writing the column called Moments of Inspiration.  It has been a privilege and blessing to me, in words that I cannot explain. Today, I share my final column.  I realize that as God allows us life, there is always a new day, a new month and a new year.  But in order for us to make use of the new beginnings, we must make a decision to do so. 

My decision to end the column at this time can be expressed this way: that it has served its purpose.

  I cannot count the people who have expressed the impact some column had on them. The testimonies are endless.  I thank the Altavista Journal for giving me the space to do what has always and continues to be my passion, encouraging others. 

Someone asked me upon learning of my decision, what was I going to do next?  I remember when I started to write this column. I was active with Uncle Billy’s Day, organizing Sunday’s gospel part, while working at WKDE as gospel announcer on Sundays. Also, I worked a full-time job as well. 

 I have heard it said, “That you should never ask someone who does nothing to do much of anything.” Well at that time in my life, that could have been the case because my plate was full.

  Then came the newspaper! A column a week for years became a consuming and absorbing part of my routine. Did I need something else to do then? My answer could have easily been no.  But I realized that this was not an ordinary assignment, that God was in this. I am so thankful to have accepted it and believe I have fulfilled it.

So the answer to the question of what’s next? It’s all in His plan. Life is a gift to you.  The way you live your life is your gift to those who follow you. I pray that this column has helped in some small way, made someone’s day brighter and given someone hope that with God all things are possible.  

 God bless everyone who took the time to read this column and the Journal for the opportunity to serve the community through Moments of Inspiration.